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Designer outdoor cushions | water resistant, soft and durable | Luxe outdoor candles and summer scarves | Perth, Australia

About us

Meet Terri Ioannou - Perth graphic designer, straight talker, social media enthusiast and creator of Moteef - vibrant + outdoors

Go bold. Be real. Stay curious.

Hi, my name is Terri Ioannou (eye-an-oh - looks harder than it is, really!) and I'm the designer behind Moteef: straight talker, social media enthusiast, mum of two, retainer of odd facts and insanely curious about all sorts of things!

Moteef is the amalgamation of my technical design skills, acquired over 18+ years as a professional graphic designer, and the product of an idea I had in 2013 after my sister mentioned she couldn't find outdoor scatter cushions she liked for her newly renovated courtyard. Inspired by her need, and keen for a creative outlet while raising two small children, I spent a year researching and testing fabrics and printing options whilst creating a coordinated range of prints.

I’m particularly inspired by the decorative arts of Africa, the Middle East and South America – I love their textured, painted urban decay and tendency towards striking colour and pattern. I try to draw on these things when I create my designs.

I believe that you can use colour to enhance your social interactions and reset your state of mind.

I believe in the power of social connection - any excuse for a barbie and a good chat, right?

I believe in being curious and open to the unexpected.


That's my Moteef...what's yours?

Terri Ioannou Moteef outdoor cushion creator Perth australia
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