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0413 398 054

Designer outdoor cushions | water resistant, soft and durable | Luxe outdoor candles and summer scarves | Perth, Australia


Meet Terri Ioannou - Perth graphic designer, straight talker, social media enthusiast and creator of Moteef - vibrant + outdoors

Go bold. Be real. Stay curious. 

I love how Australians embrace outdoor living and design. Their patios, balconies and courtyards are well used for entertaining and relaxing and they appreciate homewares made for the purpose; it’s a natural fit for an aesthetic like mine.

I draw on my knowledge of colour theory and the technical skills honed over 18 years as a professional graphic designer, to build distinctive prints designed to invigorate your outdoor living and entertaining.

My advice to you, when it comes to choosing colour for any part of your life, is to ask yourself: 'what energy do I want here?' and guess what... often the colours we are drawn to naturally are a great start. A basic understanding of how colours can effect mood is a good guide when accessorising where you entertain, work and relax.

I believe that you can consciously use colour in your life to enhance your social interactions and reset your state of mind.

I believe in the power of sharing food, ideas and experiences.

I believe in being curious and open to the unexpected.

And you?... what's your moteef ?

Terri Ioannou - Moteef, Creative Director

Terri Ioannou - Moteef, Creative Director