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Designer outdoor cushions | water resistant, soft and durable | Luxe outdoor candles and summer scarves | Perth, Australia

My Moteef Blog

MyMoteef - A blog inspired by the philosophy 'Go bold. Be real. Stay curious' - By Australian graphic designer and creator of Moteef, Terri Ioannou.

You can reach social nirvana too...

Terri Ioannou

I confess I'm a social media junkie.

> I've found my social media nirvana on Instagram and you can too | via

> I've found my social media nirvana on Instagram and you can too | via

I love seeing what other people are creating, I love learning from people who are leaders in their fields, I'll follow anyone if I feel like they talk my language graphically or otherwise and I love drilling down into 'link holes' and emerging 4 hrs later with sparks of ideas and a brain buzzing with stimulation. (Not to mention hungry and disgruntled kids!)

But, recently I've been feeling a bit bored... and a bit overwhelmed!

So in an effort to find social media nirvana, I recently began searching for relevance amongst all the hashtags and relentless feeds of sameness. I've begun streamlining those I now choose to follow purely based on how they actually add to my life, creatively or otherwise.

Here is my culling criteria:

  • Too many abbreviations - I refuse to decode abbreviations and tweets composed entirely of hashtags and @symbols.
  • Are you 'real'? - will it excite me, teach me or make me believe there is a God?
  • Any humour (or lack there of) - I'm not joking!
  • Do you over share - give me time to read the last post before you cram another one into my brain, especially if the info is going to fill a space where my shopping list needs to be.
  • Do I care? - about your cause, your product, your lifestyle or your dog?

Now that I am beginning to see through the clutter, as I implement my culling strategy, I have had the great fortune of actually being able to appreciate some really creative and clever people across all platforms.

Some of my favourite eye candy on Instagram at the moment are:

You'll be amazed just how many people love decorative tiled floors! I do too! This is a collection of tagged photos by people all over the world using #ihavethisthingwithfloors.

@ihavethisthingwithfloors by @jennikayne

Cutting through the clutter of the everyday to find simplicity in the colour and shapes around us is what I love about this account. All the contributors are selected and regrammed based on their skill. The followers are always so encouraging of the lucky individual who has scored the latest upload using #minimalexperience.

Another account doing similar work but with a focus on shapes and colour in modern architecture is CIMKEDI.

@minimalexperience by @ombraluce7

Now, this woman claims she is a mum and a home cook but she can whip up and plate a meal like I have only dreamed of. She styles and photographs her food with flair and precision and posts her recipes on Facebook. 


She was the youngest person to win the 'Canon Australian Institute of Professional Photography' - Photographer of the Year in 2003. A photographer, stylist, adventurer and travelling wares retailer, Kara shoots Australia in all it's colour and majesty with a twist of modern and a dash or vintage. Her shots are authentic and relatable and she makes me want to buy a caravan and take a road trip. 


It's a photographic tour of the urban art around Perth. On walls, down alleys, in restaurants. Some of it is commissioned and some is graffiti but it's all accomplished and it's nice to see it in isolation without the visual pollution of the city.

@streetsofperth mural by Straker & David Garland

>> I'd love to know if you are getting something 'real' from your social media interactions, especially on Instagram. Post links in the comments to share the gems in your day.

Go bold. Be real. Stay curious.