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Designer outdoor cushions | water resistant, soft and durable | Luxe outdoor candles and summer scarves | Perth, Australia

My Moteef Blog

MyMoteef - A blog inspired by the philosophy 'Go bold. Be real. Stay curious' - By Australian graphic designer and creator of Moteef, Terri Ioannou.

Moteef jumps in!

Terri Ioannou

Having never retailed before, I wasn't exactly sure what would happen once I launched my website. I had nightmares that ranged from being sold out of stock in a week, to people saying "meh, they're nice but..." (cue sounds of crickets!)

I read a great quote by one of my marketing favourites, Seth Godin, that said, "If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try". So with that Blue Tack(ed) firmly on my office wall, I have been actively telling anyone who would listen about Moteef and my new range of vibrant, outdoor cushions.

To my delight and surprise, Jen Bishop's Interiors Addict, an online interiors news site with a personal touch (updated four times a day), featured Moteef recently. Interiors Addict is a fabulous, up to date interiors resource with the catch cry 'style without the snobbery' which is a position that Moteef aligns with whole heartedly.

It has given Moteef great exposure and I'm feeling excited about the coming months!

>> What's your favourite interior design go-to resource?

> Outdoor cushions to brighten up your garden this spring - feature | via #MyMoteef #cushions #patio #decor #homewares

> Outdoor cushions to brighten up your garden this spring - feature | via #MyMoteef #cushions #patio #decor #homewares

Go bold. Be real. Stay curious.